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The two most clichéd statements in life:

A house is built by hands, but a home is built by hearts!

Marriages are made in heaven, but celebrated on earth!

You don't believe these clichés much nowadays, do you?

No you don't!

We urge you to believe them now!

  Our Process  

Our Process

  Our Team  




Arundhati is an analytics and consulting professional. Based on personal and close friends' experiences, she felt the Indian matchmaking industry needs to adapt to the changing needs of today's urban culture. She found that it was becoming increasingly difficult for a person to find a partner through existing generic matchmaking sites since these sites match people based on astrology and religion with very little emphasis on compatibility. This discovery led her to quit her corporate job and start her own matchmaking services company. Urban Tryst is set to redefine the way Indians search for a partner by bringing compatibility to the forefront with a personal touch!

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Savitri Narayanan


Savitri is an ERP consulting professional who brings varied customer relationship experience and excellent project management skills to our team. She left her corporate job to work with UT and has found it to be more fulfilling and rewarding. She loves to meet new people and has a knack of understanding and analyzing different personalities. . Her direct approach coupled with compassion is highly regarded by her clients. She believes that the client's relationship with a matchmaker is key and an evolving process for both the client and matchmaker.

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Ranjini Ramanathan

Matchmaking Consultant

Ranjini was a health care analytics professional before exploring the matchmaking industry. She believes that online dating or horoscope matching does not necessarily work for everyone since traditional services have always relied on a cookie cutter approach and online dating seldom nurtures mutual trust. She views the process used in Urban Tryst as the best alternative to bridge this divide. Her passionate approach and high energy levels have completely enhanced UT's services to a whole new level.

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Matchmaking Consultant

Sharadha is by qualification an Information Technology engineer and a Management professional who loves meeting new people and connecting with them. She also relishes creating networks and bringing people together. She believes that good matchmaking involves understanding individuals and pairing them based on their core philosophies, to ensure a perfect match. It is this passion that has driven her to consult with UT.


Saras Bhaskar

Psychologist Adviser

Saras firmly believes that every human being has the potential to succeed in healthy and harmonious relationships. Her mission is to empower them to discover/rediscover their full potential. She has a unique blend of experience as a Counseling Psychologist and as a Corporate Coach for over 15 years in U.S and currently over 12 years in Chennai, India. As a Counselling Psychologist, she offers pre-marriage, marriage and family counseling. Her ability to work with the strengths of individuals combined with a solid foundation in Psychopathology and Counseling has given her recognition in the field and Urban Tryst is excited to have her as an adviser to continuously tweak the ever evolving matchmaking process.

  Our Services  

We at Urban Tryst specialize in personalized services. We understand that everyone is truly unique and their preferences even more so. Our services are designed to meet each one of your needs in your pursuit of "the one".

Personalized Matchmaking Services - Our confidential services will bring back the old-fashioned way of personalized matching that will be purely based on compatibility, in a one-on-one setting. We will find matches both within our database as well use external searches to find the most compatible partner for you.

Other Services:

Relationship Coaching- We all need an unbiased friend to brainstorm about our love life. Here's an opportunity to connect with one of our matchmakers who are experts at this and would love to help you out! Email us at info@urbantryst.com with a subject line of "Relationship Coaching" for more details.

Image Consulting- We all want to look and feel our best for our first date! We at Urban Tryst have partnered with Image Consultants who will help you spruce up and get ready for The Day. Email us at info@urbantryst.com with a subject line of "Image Consulting" for more details.

Photo shoot-A picture can tell a thousand words, but lets make sure those aren't words of judgment. Remember, all that your potential mate has initially to gauge you by is that picture. Not your personality. Not just yet. To add to the old cliche, "First impression is the best impression" and we say the picture is your ticket to creating this best impression! Our partner photographer will help 2-3 wonderful looks, which will be a far cry from typical studio shoots. Email us at info@urbantryst.com with a subject line of "Photo Shoot" for more details.

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  Frequently Asked Questions  

1. What is Urban Tryst?

Urban Tryst is a matchmaking services company that sets out to redefine matchmaking in India. Our confidential services will bring back the old-fashioned way of personalized matching that will be purely based on compatibility, in a one-on-one setting. We will find matches both within our database as well use external searches to find the most compatible partner for you.

2. Why Urban Tryst?

  •   Are you a busy professional that doesn't have the time to look through gazillion profiles to find a mate?
  •   Do you want a matchmaking company that babysits you right from profile building to feedback after a meeting with a probable match?
  •   Do you want to be honest about being a social drinker with no judgment?
  •   Do you want to look for a match without having your information/profile displayed to public view?
  •   Do you want to find a match with no parental pressure or interference?
  •   Do you want to be set up with educated, classy and like-minded singles?

If you answered YES to all these questions and if you truly believe that no software can really determine compatibility, say hello to Urban Tryst that is set to take matchmaking back to the roots!
With Urban Tryst, this is what you can expect:

  •   Parents will not be allowed to create profiles for their son/daughter as most often we find that their description is far removed from who their sons/daughters actually are
  •   You should be completely honest about things such as if you are a social drinker, meat eater, party-goer to find a compatible match that shares your interests
  •   We give you a dedicated consultant that meets and understands you to help you find a compatible match. This consultant will work with you in building your profile, identifying compatible matches, set you up on dates with accepted matches and provide feedback after the meeting. Accepting and rejecting matches need to be handled sensitively and your dedicated consultant will take care of this for you
  •   We have a very stringent and personalized screening process to hand-pick our clients - no fake profiles or un-screened matches!
  •   We guarantee complete confidentiality and privacy Your profile & photos will not be publicly available as we believe that your information can be exposed to possible misuse and stalking
  •   No software based compatibility matching - We believe in one-on-one and human interactive matching

3. What is the process like?

  • 1. You sign-up on our website filling out all information on the detailed questionnaire
  • 2. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will call you back to schedule an interview as part of our screening process
  • 3. Once you clear the screening process, you pay an advance of 20% of your membership fee as part of registration.
  • 4. Once we receive your advance payment, and get you registered into our system. We will also assign a consultant who will be your single point of contact throughout your membership duration.
  • 5. Your personal consultant will schedule a one-on-one session to get to know you either in person or over Skype. This session helps us understand you better in addition to the information from your questionnaire responses so we can pitch for you to the best of our ability.
  • 6. After the one-on-one session, the consultant works on identifying compatible matches. Our matching process is purely based on compatibility which is achieved using detailed personality analysis and mapping techniques.
  • 7. Within a span of 3-4 weeks of your one-on-one session, your consultant will email your first potential match giving his/her brief details along with photographs. Details such as name, work and other personal details will be masked at this stage.
  • 8. If you agree to meet our recommended match and the match agrees as well, you need to make the remaining payment of your membership fee in order to get introduced to your first match. This is when the name and other masked details will be disclosed.
  • 9. Once both parties agree to meet, we will introduce the two of you.
  • 10. After your meet-up with your match, your consultant makes an appointment with both parties for feedback, and schedules regular follow-ups to oversee the progress of the relationship. Feedback is extremely important for us as thats confirmation if we are on the right track in getting you matched. If the date did not strike a chord for either of you, which we feel, is a highly sensitive situation, we save you the grief and your consultant will convey your decision to the other party. Your consultant continues to look for more compatible matches as per your membership package.
  • 11. Depending on feedback, your consultant might suggest additional services (for an extra fee) such as image consulting and relationship coaching. We realize that a lot of people struggle with first dates in terms of what to wear, what to say, what to expect, and the like. Our recommended image consultants will help you with all this to create the best first impression. Trust us when we say, first impression is the best impression and it goes a long way in determining the success of a relationship.

4. How many compatible profiles will you recommend in a month?

Keeping quality over quantity in mind, we can safely tell you that compatibility based matching depends on various factors such as personality analysis, marital, lifestyle, professional preferences and much more! This process definitely requires patience and perseverance from both sides i.e. you and us. Based on our experience, 1-2 matches a month has been the trend. However, we will go over and beyond to look for more than the average trend without compromising on quality.

5. Do you conduct background checks on your members and what is the process?

Yes, we do very basic background checks concerning education and professional details. During your one-on-one session, your dedicated consultant will be asking you to bring your original educational degree certificates, proof of employment letter with salary information, or suitable income proofs in case of self-employment or business.

However, we do not verify fake documents or do any other criminal background checks. We do trust that you will be honest in your search for a life partner and as per your Terms & Conditions with us, you agree to submit accurate information. If we find any discrepancies reported, we will be forced to terminate your membership with no refund.

6. Are you providing services only in India?

We have a database of singles across the world. Since we are providing personalized and offline services, we prefer those that are willing to meet with us either in person or over Skype.

7. Will I be given a refund if I choose to end my membership with you?

No. We do not entertain any refunds.

8. Where do I get information on Pricing & Rates for your services?

Please call us on +919094295711 or email us at info@urbantryst.com for detailed information on pricing and membership packages between 9AM to 7PM IST.